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Myrcene Effects And Benefits: The Terpene that Does it All

Myrcene Terpene

In our last post, we talked all about terpenes in cannabidiol (CBD) products, and how they enhance the experience of taking CBD. For a quick recap, terpenes are organic compounds created by plants, usually accompanied by a pungent aroma. More than 20,000 varieties of terpenes exist throughout nature. They are notable for their smells, but […]

Cannabis Derived Terpenes: All you need to know

cannabis terived terpenes hemp cbd

An increasingly important phrase within the CBD industry is “Cannabis Derived Terpenes”. But what exactly are terpenes, and what do they have to do with cannabis and CBD products? Similar to wine, cannabis plants contain a wide variety of flavour profiles. These flavour profiles, like wine, can vary depending on where the plant was grown, […]

Don’t let pain hold you back with CBDMEDIC

Don't let pain hold you back with CBDMEDIC

Imagine a life free of muscle aches, arthritis, and everyday pain, using a natural formula free of harsh additives. This dream can now become a reality thanks to All Premium CBD’s new partnership with CBDMEDIC. CBDMEDIC’s hemp-based targeted topical pain relievers are a welcome addition to All Premium CBD’s high quality product line. All Premium […]

The Best Time of Day to Take CBD Oil

best time of day to take CBD Oil hemp thc

Let’s say you’ve already started your journey with CBD. (Congratulations, we’re happy for you!) Maybe you’re starting to experience CBD’s most common benefits…maybe you’re feeling energized or sleeping better. But maybe you’re wondering how to really optimize things. And part of finding your ideal CBD routine is deciding when to take your CBD oil. There are […]

How to Tell If Your CBD Oil is High-Quality: A Step-by-Step Guide to Finding The Best

How to find quality cbd thc cannabis

How to Tell If Your CBD Oil Is High-Quality: A Step-by-Step Guide There’s a lot going on in the CBD world these days. So many new brands, so many new products, so much content and education and claims…you may be wondering who to trust! We think it’s time for some more objective guidelines. Which is […]

Everything you need to know about the 3 CBD variants: Full Spectrum vs. Broad Spectrum vs. Isolate

full spectrum vs borad spectrum vs CBD isolate

  Full Spectrum? Broad Spectrum? Isolate? What do these terms mean? Whether reading the labels of CBD infused food items, or shopping for CBD products at your local pharmacy, you are likely to come across these terms. In this article, we will clear your confusion about the three main CBD variants and also guide you […]

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