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Medterra is one of the best-known names in the CBD ecosystem. Medterra CBD Oil and other products are loved and trusted by thousands of customers for a reason. This brand features a wide range of simple and natural products that are highly effective, yet also in an affordable and accessible price bracket. Capsules, tinctures, and cooling creams are just some examples of the wide range of Medterra CBD products. Most of all, Medterra is renowned for manufacturing some of the best CBD isolates in the world. 

Further than that, the team at Medterra share the same goals as us here at All Premium CBD, which is placing tremendous value on CBD education, and wanting the absolute best and safest products for our consumers. This post will help you get to know a little bit more about the Medterra brand, to discern what makes Medterra CBD products unique, and we will dive deeper into some of our absolute favourite Medterra products.

All About Medterra

Medterra has been a leader in CBD production since the emergence of the hemp industry in the United States. It was started with a vision in mind of accessibility and the desire to create a worthwhile business that spreads the immense benefits of CBD products. The brand is legally able to provide high-quality hemp products to consumers in all 50 states. Their CBD oils, tinctures and creams are from American hemp farms in Kentucky.

Medterra’s industrial hemp is sourced from the soil-rich farms of Kentucky. Each of their suppliers are GMC (Good Manufacturing Practice) certified by SGS Laboratory Testing. Further, Medterra complies with the U.S. Hemp Authority Certification program, which is the CBD  industry’s initiative to provide high standards, best practices, and self-regulation. Medterra then utilizes a whole plant CO2 extraction process to maximize the quality of their CBD (we’ll touch more on what exactly CO2 extraction means a bit further down in this post). Then, each and every Medterra product is third-party vetted and tested to ensure safety and quality.

Medterra products are made from CBD oil that has been derived from hemp. Medterra’s broad-spectrum CBD products are a blend of cannabinoids, terpenes and fatty acids that naturally occur in the hemp plant. An extraction process is utilized to remove the THC compound. Their CBD Isolates are removed of all other cannabinoids, including THC, as well as terpenes and waxes, leaving just pure isolated CBD.

Medterra also has a deep-rooted commitment to safety and transparency, so customers can confidently purchase Medterra products knowing that they are buying a product produced safely, adhering to the best practices in the industry. They also avoid using harsh chemicals during the hemp growing and extraction process. 

medterra cbd softgels cooling cream

The Medterra brand revolves around three key concepts:

  • Caring for Others
  • Continual Innovation
  • and CBD for All.

These three pillars, and the true belief in the benefits of CBD and how CBD products can improve lives, are all values we share here at All Premium CBD. Also like us, Medterra wants to remove the stigma surrounding CBD cultivation and make consumers feel happy and secure in their decision to purchase a Medterra product. This is done through education on CBD and a commitment to transparency with all of their products. Overall, the Medterra team is a family, and wants all consumers to feel like they are a part of the family, too. 


What makes a Medterra Product Great:

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Medterra’s mission statement is ensuring high-quality products are available at a fair price, and provide customers with true seed to sale purchases. Here are some of the reasons we think Medterra CBD products so unique and great:

Sourcing and Extraction

Medterra CBD is made from certified industrial hemp and not the cannabis associated with marijuana. Their industrial hemp is sourced from Kentucky, and grown and extracted in accordance with the Kentucky Department of Agriculture procedures and compliances. Kentucky was the location of choice for Medterra’s hemp sourcing, due to their longer growing season and richer soil, in turn creating the best CBD products possible. Medterra is also in partnership with the KDA Hemp Pilot Research Program, which maintains that businesses who would like to be considered for a license to grow, handle, process, or market hemp must submit the appropriate license application to KDA Hemp Program. This acts as an added layer of screening and security, ensuring all Medterra products are consistently safe and high quality.

Medterra utilizes a solventless CO2 extraction method that is safe and gentle. CO2 extraction uses pressurized carbon dioxide to take as many desirable cannabinoids from a hemp plant as possible. This process allows for drawing the CBD from plant material and filtering out unnatural substances, while maximizing pure CBD concentration. Overall, consumers can rest assured that all Medterra products have undergone meticulous sourcing and extraction processes ensuring consistency and quality.

Research and Development

One of the pillars of the Medterra brand is “continual innovation”. Medterra has a continued commitment to formulating, researching, and introducing new products every day that change lives and help consumers. Their ongoing research ensures new developments and new products that fit a wide range of needs.

Medterra also has a prominent Medical Advisory Board, made of top physicians and medical experts that help to research, formulate and create some of the best CBD products on the market. Notably, this advisory board also includes veterinarians, to ensure Medterra’s products for pets are created with the best interests of our furry friends in mind!


Beyond the safety and quality that is ensured from each Medterra CBD oil, the brand also takes extra steps to maximize transparency with all consumers. Importantly, every single Medterra product must be third-party tested. At All Premium CBD, we ensure every brand we carry makes third-party lab vetting and extra safety precautions a priority. Medterra products are vetted by Green Scientific Labs, a lab that covers the full range of needs for agricultural testing. Green Scientific Labs has extensive proven experience in the agricultural laboratory industry, coupled with a background in data and technology, to provide the most reliable results possible.

You can feel comfortable knowing that Medterra CBD oil is great-quality and legitimate, due to the Certificate of Analysis that accompanies each product. By scanning a QR code on your Medterra product, you will be led to a dedicated landing page containing information on each batch of the product, ingredient profiles and quality control methods. This initiative was created to ensure that consumers and regulatory bodies can clearly access all Medterra product information.

Each Medterra Certificate of Analysis contains important information about every product, including cannabidiol content, servings per container, and the cannabidiol content per serving. It also displays the nutritional info and product label for each product, so there is no confusion regarding what exactly is in the product you have purchased. Finally, each certificate also lists every ingredient included in the product, making further research on the contents of your Medterra CBD easy and accessible.


Another important facet of Medterra CBD products is that they are broad-spectrum, meaning they have no THC included. This means Medterra products are great for those with bad affinities to THC, or those concerned with drug tests while taking CBD products. Medterra is also renowned for their CBD isolate, which is how they first got their start in the industry. Due to their broad-spectrum products and isolates, Medterra products are great for those who are looking for efficient and safe CBD products but without the psychoactivity resulting from the inclusion of THC.

medterra cbd pets cooling cream oil

Product Spotlight: Medterra CBD Oil Pure Concentrate 

Medterra CBD oil is one of the brand’s most renowned products in the industry. CBD oil is a blend of MCT oil and the compound Cannabidiol (CBD). These two ingredients are what make up the CBD Oil Tinctures. Medterra CBD Oil Tinctures are made with 99%+ CBD and MCT carrier oil and are available in strengths of 500mg and 1000mg. MCT is the best carrier oil money can buy, being of great quality with the longest shelf life. 

Safe, affordable, and easy-to-use, each Medterra CBD Oil tincture contains 30 servings and can be taken day or night, sublingually. If taking CBD sublingually is not for you, you can also mix Medterra CBD oil into your favourite drink. All of the Medterra’s tinctures, regardless of potency, are offered in a one-ounce bottle and contain 30, 1mL servings. The dropper applicator has measurement markers on it (0.25, 0.50, 0.75 and 1mL), allowing for accuracy and flexibility for serving sizes.

One confirmed purchaser of the Medterra CBD Oil had this to say:

“I use the CBD tincture every night before I go to bed and have not been waking up with headaches! I am excited to see what continued use will bring.”

You can get your hands on this great Medterra product for 33.99 on the All Premium CBD website here.medterra cbd oil tincture pure concentrate


Product Spotlight: Medterra CBD Softgels Pure Concentrate

Medterra’s CBD Gel Capsules are travel-friendly, quick to ingest, and a great option for those on the go. This product is mess-free, convenient, and easy to dose, making it a great choice for first time CBD users. This CBD is suspended in fractionated coconut oil and then encapsulated for easy consumption. This product can be taken in the morning or at night for fast and easy comfort.

One confirmed purchaser of the Medterra CBD Softgels said of the product:

“Was taking liquid for a couple of years and loved the product. Decided to try capsules and find I like them better because the dosing is more accurate. I appreciate the options.”

You can try these Softgels out for $42.99 on the All Premium CBD website heremedterra cbd oil softgels


Product Spotlight: Medterra CBD Rapid Cooling Cream

Unlike traditional CBD products that are ingested (either orally or sublingually), CBD can also be applied topically for great results. Medterra CBD Rapid Cooling Cream is a powerhouse combination of either 250mg or 750mg of CBD and organic ingredients, including menthol and arnica. This topical cream provides a rapid cooling effect, perfect for joint and muscle support. Each bottle contains approximately 100 uses, making it a worthwhile investment for anyone suffering from short-term or chronic aches, pains, strains, and bruises. 

Chris Burkard, a photographer and outdoor enthusiast had this to say of the Medterra CBD Rapid Cooling Cream:

“I literally never leave on a trip without my 750mg rapid cooling cream… this stuff has saved my back and shoulders during long days working and playing outdoors.”

You can purchase this amazing topical for $47.99 on the All Premium CBD website heremedterra rapid cooling gel cbd oil

Wrapping Up

In summary, if you are looking for safe, reliable, high-quality, and convenient CBD products, Medterra is a great choice for you. Their company pillars, the quality of their extraction process and their products, and their commitment to transparency for all consumers makes Medterra great brand to use for your CBD needs. You could also buy Medterra products for the furry friends in your life! We love our pets as we love ourselves, so why not treat anxious pets to the Medterra Bacon-flavours CBD Calming chews?

All Premium CBD is proud to carry the Medterra brand of products, a brand that shares our vision of making CBD accessible far and wide, and providing consumers with transparent information and education surrounding how exactly the products they are ingesting are made. You can see the full range of Medterra products on the All Premium CBD website here.

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